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A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self-discovery, of awakening. ~Kenny Loggins


  • Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise have walked me through a very dark time in my life. I have had many ups and downs over the last year but with their guidance I have been able to move through them equipped with a course of action and a map of the situation. Sarah and Sophia predictions and time frames have always been accurate and something I could hold onto to get me through the deep dark valleys of this journey. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise dont just tell you what is going to happen, they help you move through it in order to see the glimmer of light on the other side.


  • Sophia Elise has been there for me through thick and thin the last 2 years & I would be absolutely lost without them. I dont know what I would do without them. I am thankful for Sophias help & the fact that they are honest & dont hold back punches. I FEEL COMFORTABLE TALKING TO YOU AND I FEEL COMPLETE SATISFACTION ONCE OUR READING IS OVER AND WE HANG UP IM AM 100% SATISFIED WITH YOUR SERVICES AND YOUR ACCURACY!! OUTSTANDING!! PHENOMENAL!! ( I LOVE YOU)


  • I highly recommend Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. I been talking to them and been following their guidance for 2 years. They tune in quickly and give you direct, confident information. They see my situation very accurately. They have been guiding me thru this long ordeal.. Sarah and Sophia Elise are AWESOME! one word to describe them Phenomenal!


  • Lady Sarahs gift made my jaw hit the floor, the first time I talked to her.. is it possible that anyone can describe people so accurately? I mean their physical features? Well there is only 1 person I know that is THAT accurate and that is Lady Sarah! I was blown away with her incredible accuracy, just spot on. Lady Sarah is very kind and generous and her advice is very real¯. I recommend this incredibly gifted Advisor to all that seek sustained accuracy and truth! Thank you Sarah!


  • Everything turned out EXACTLY the way she said. I am writing this feedback in Feb 2009, 3 months after we last spoke. Let me count all the accurate predictions Sophia Elise has made. yes, he still loves me. Yes, the other woman was totally after his money. Yes, it was more a business deal than a relationship. Yes, he came crawling back to me. He did a total 180. He isnt afraid of commitment now. In fact, 2 weeks after getting back together, he proposed and we are getting married in 2 months. THIS WOMAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH. I always thought it was too good to be true. She called it RIGHT ON THE MONEY REPEATEDLY!!!


  • Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are the ULTIMATE! I dont know what I would do without them. Tells the good with the bad & I appreciate this quality I TRUST ALL OF YOUR VISIONS AND ADVICE AND I KNOW YOUR PREDICTIONS ARE ACCURATE BECAUSE THE PAST PREDICTIONS HAVE COME TO PASS AND YOU WERE 100% RIGHT WITH THOSE. I HAVE NO DOUBT THE FUTURE PREDICTIONS WILL HAPPEN JUST AS YOU SAY.Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being there for me. I cannot wait for the day that I can thank you from the bottom of my heart in person. You are most deserving. Love ya! OUTSTANDING!! PHENOMENAL!!

You can have the opportunity to be one of our success stories! We welcome the chance to work with you to find the solution to your soulmate, twinflame and relationship problems and get you and your relationship on the track to happiness!



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These are just a few of the sample questions you can ask during a psychic soulmate reading. All psychic soulmate readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are personal and confidential. This is your session and you are free to speak your mind about whatever is bothering you in your relationship in regard to changes that need to be made or third parties or other situations that are standing in your way. During your soulmate psychic reading, Sarah and Sophia, always put YOU first, and all efforts are made to help you and guide you toward your own personal happiness and joy.


Spirit, mind and body are all connected

Our well being relies on the fact that all parts of us, spirit, mind and body, are all working together in harmony. What affects one, affects all three. When one does not have a balance of spirit mind and body, everything in our lives seems off. When negative experiences come into our lives, they have an impact not only on our mind, but on our spirit and body. Now, instead of having one problem in one area, we find we have issues in every area. When you are on the right path, your spirit, mind and body all are influenced in a positive way. When you are doing the right things and walking in the path of your personal truth, you can keep from drawing negativity into your life. If you wish to find a true sense of inner peace, you must be balanced in the spirit, mind, and body.




A psychic reading online, or the Internet, by phone, chat or email

A psychic reading can offer people a fresh viewpoint you may not have seen on your own. It may be a crucial time in your life where you are at a standstill and do not know which direction to take. A psychic reading online offers you a way to find out what direction to choose before you make a big mistake. So often in life we wish we knew now what we didn't know then and could go back in time just to warn ourselves. Well, we cannot go back in time, but you can get that kind of "future guidance" with a  psychic reading. The internet provides many different ways to get a psychic reading whenever you need one, usually by click to call technology. You do not need to leave your home, your job, and get in the car and go meet the psychic, they are just a phone call away! Many people put off having psychic readings because it simply was not convenient to do so. It could not be any more convenient than it is now thanks to today's technology. You can call and talk to a clairvoyant, empath, astrologer, medium or tarot card reader any time of the day or night. You can get a psychic reading online if you have worries or concerns about your relationships, career, job, love interest, money, friends, family, or soulmate. A psychic reading can answer all the questions you need to create the life you want and deserve.




Relationships, twinflames, soulmates, love and romance

A topic of great concern for many who seek psychic readings is the status of their relationships and where they are headed. A soulmate psychic reading gives people the opportunity to get accurate predictions on what the future has in store for their romantic partnerships. You may want your relationship to work out, and are afraid of letting it go. A soulmate psychic reading will tell you how and if you can put your energy into your relationship and get good results. A soulmate psychic reading will reveal if the time has come to stop trying, and to get out of a relationship that cannot work for you any longer. Not all relationships last, no matter how much we may want them to. A soulmate psychic reading will let you know if your relationship has the opportunity to flourish, if it is is just going to wither and die. Some relationships are not meant to be, and only last for a very short time. A soulmate psychic reading will accurately predict if your relationship has any chance at longevity. You may feel a connection to someone who is not available right now, or has not allowed their feelings or interest for you show. A soulmate psychic reading reveals all, especially what they are trying so hard to hide. There may be a sense of impatience because you have not yet met your soulmate or twinflame. You may not have met "the one" or the person you are meant to be with and want to know why it is taking so long when others have found theirs. A soulmate psychic reading will give you accurate predictions on when you will meet "the one" and if you are currently with the right person for you. You might have met the right person in your life but the romance and relationship ended. You do not know if you will ever feel that way again, and feel there is no chance left for you at finding true love. You may think your soulmate is gone for good. A psychic reading will offer the guidance you need to find closure with that relationship you thought was the right one, but need to realize it is not. You could also learn if your ex may return to give your relationship another shot. A psychic reading can also predict if another break up is in your future, and what steps you can take to prevent that from happening.



Tarot card predictions for your future

Many clients choose tarot card readings because of the accurate and insightful information they get. Tarot cards are a special deck of cards used to accurately predict the future, and also show the influences the past and the present have on the future. Originally created as a card game, as well as a meditation medium, they were never intended to be an oracle. Around 500 years ago, people began using tarot cards to predict the unfolding of future events and learned they were strangely accurate. There are major arcana tarot cards, and minor arcana tarot cards. Each tarot card has a different meaning and represents a different possible outcome. When a tarot reader reads the cards, she is not just interpreting that one card, but the combination of all the cards as well as reversed cards in reading. The combinations, and interpretations, are infinite. Just like a regular deck of cards is used to play games like poker, a tarot card deck is used to predict the probable unfolding of future events. A tarot card reading can tell you if it is a good time to move your place of residence, and what the outcome would be if you did make that move. A tarot card reading can tell you the best time to make a change in your career or if the timing is wrong and you should wait. The tarot will offer priceless information concerning love and relationships, and let you know the best way to have the best relationship possible. While the tarot is used to predict the best possible outcome for you concerning the question they asked, predictions are not set in stone. There are thousands of tarot decks in publication today, the most famous being the Rider-Waite and Crowley decks.





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